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Lee Allen Advertising was started in March of 1983. Lee (Allen) Rohlf started the company and has shaped the agency to be a creative shop that's main focus is brand development and using that brand to effectively reach a well defined target audience. When you hire Lee Allen Advertising you get Lee Rohlf's 30+ years of creative agency experience that covers almost every conceivable type of business and communication challenge.

Please take the time to review our current portfolio of work. This will hopefully give you an overview of the wide variety of challenges Lee Allen Advertising has the opportunity to create on a daily basis. Choosing an agency is all about fit and what your expectations are regarding style, substance and results. Lee Allen Advertising is the agency of record for a growing list of local companies. Many of these companies have worked with Lee Allen Advertising for more than a decade. Give Lee (Allen) Rohlf a call today and see if the fit is right for your company or organization.

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